I’m in the Recruitment business.  How does ResMan for Recruitment benefit my business?

  • ResMan ships with comprehensive Management Reporting so you always have access to up to date information about your business
  • ResMan is secure. You control who has access to different data.
  • ResMan Workflow ensures that your consultants follow business processes every time
  • ResMan is packed full of recruitment tools that deliver competitive advantages out of the box.
  • You can extend ResMan easily with optional add-on modules that work for your specific business
  • Constant product innovation
  • One solution covers the end-end business operations
  • Competitive pricing with set annual costs
  • Full support, consultancy and maintenance services
  • Developed by people who understands your business with over 13 years experience.

I’m in the Welfare to Work business.  How does ResMan for Case Management benefit my business?

  • ResourceWare understands the Welfare to Work recruitment market better than any other vendor.  ResourceWare has an impressive track record in the Welfare to Work sector since 1998 when we delivered our first Australian Job Network solutions.
  • ResourceWare has a specialised product for your business - ResMan for Case Management
  • Key benefits include a specialised ResMan Workflow tailored to Case Management including referrals, case plans, multiple funders, automatic reminders & follow ups

I’m in the Labour Hire or Healthcare business.  How does ResMan for Labour Hire or ResMan for Healthcare benefit my business?

  • ResourceWare understands that speed and simplicity are paramount to your business.
  • ResourceWare has specialised products for your business - ResMan for Labour Hire and ResMan for Healthcare
  • Key benefits include visual rosters, rapid-fire shift / job creation, instant access to unfilled shifts / jobs, one-click placements, one-click text messaging.

I manage the Information Technology at the company.  How does ResMan help me?

  • ResMan is powered by proven and scalable technology.  ResMan is proven in organisations of all size including 1000+ user sites
  • Multiple RDBMS support including MS SQL SERVER and Sybase
  • ResMan ships with a comprehensive administration system
  • ResMan operates over Citrix and Terminal Services
  • ResMan has web enabled components
  • ResMan seamlessly Integrates with Microsoft Office products
  • ResMan is fully secure
  • ResMan is fully configurable.  You can respond to changing business needs quickly without our involvement.
  • Fully backed up by comprehensive ResourceWare support, consultancy and maintenance services

I’m a recruitment consultant.  How does ResMan help me to succeed?

  • ResMan Workflow takes the stress out of following in-house processes
  • Every placement is automatically recorded against your name ensuring you get the commission you deserve
  • One-click processes speed up searches, contacts and placements
  • Comprehensive CRM with auto follow ups help you manage your clients and candidates
  • Automatic resume skilling makes processing candidates easy
  • Powerful search engine finds candidates with even the rarest skill sets
  • Full document management built-in.  Never write a document from scratch again.

I’m a recruitment manager.  How does ResMan help me to succeed?

  • ResMan Workflow empowers consultants to adhere to business processes every time
  • All Consultant activity is logged and secure
  • Comprehensive management reporting tracks all KPIs and Consultant activity

I’m a recruitment administrator.  How does ResMan help me?

  • ResAdmin makes administering and customising ResMan easy
  • ResMan Financials speeds up timesheets and invoice processing
  • ResMan Auto Skill automates candidate resume processing
  • ResMan document management means all documents are template based.  Templates are easy to create.  Mail, email and SMS/Text merges are simply and fast to do
  • ResMan checks for duplicates and helps you resolve any potential duplicates. For example are Jon Smith, John Smith and Jonathan Smith the same candidate?
  • ResMan Text Search locates any document created by the system

What size companies does ResMan cater for?

  • ResMan is designed to work from single user customers all the way up to 1000+ user customers.
  • All customers use the same product.  No cut-down or limited functionality version for smaller customers.

What technology is ResMan based on?

  • ResMan is designed for the Microsoft Windows environment.

How much does ResMan cost?

  • ResMan is competitively priced.  Please contact ResourceWare to discuss your needs and a quote.

Who are your customers?

  • ResMan is used by over 1000 recruitment and case management companies in eight countries. Our customers view ResMan as a cornerstone of their competitive advantage.  As such we keep our customer list confidential.

Where is ResMan supported?

  • ResourceWare has support staff in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. ResourceWare also perform extensive remote support to our customers wherever they are located.

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